The Simple and Effective Solution to the Synthetic Drugs Crises that No One is Talking About

October 12 2018 – Team MindFuel

The Simple and Effective Solution to the Synthetic Drugs Crises that No One is Talking About
The Simple and Effective Solution to the Synthetic Drugs Crises that No One is Talking About

About 45 people are believed to have died in New Zealand as a result of the synthetic drugs crises since June 1, 2017. Meanwhile the government is trying to fight fire with fire by shifting one or two of the more obvious synthetic chemicals from Class C to Class A. But as history clearly shows Prohibition will always fail if the demand is there. In fact this clamping down on a couple of chemicals is nothing but a weak PR campaign. A token move to let voters think they are doing something.

So why is there even a demand for this poison? Why is nobody talking about the one and only single solution to this problem that is guaranteed to be effective? LEGALIZE NATURE.

If nature had not been made illegal in the first place to protect the markets of powerful vested interests, synthetic drugs would not be an issue in New Zealand. It's as simple as that, no ifs, no buts.

Nature already provides intoxicant users with an amazing collection of psychoactive plants that when used sensibly have proven themselves extremely safe over hundreds or in some cases even thousands of years of tribal use.

Cannabis, Coca, Kratom, Khat, Ephedra, the Opium Poppy, the Peyote Cactus and an assortment of Magic Mushrooms and DMT containing plants provide drug users with everything they could ever dream of and more. Who in their right mind would bother smoking synthetic cannabinoids or swallowing random cocktails of research chemicals if they had easy access to above assortment of psychoactive plants.

If we are to stop young New Zealander's from dying of synthetic drug over-doses legalizing the above plants is the only way forward that will have any effect whatsoever. These beneficial plants should never have been prohibited in the first place. Why not relegalize them now? They could easily be strictly regulated and sold under the psychoactive substances act from licensed vendors. They could be sold alongside clear usage instructions, in sensible dosage, with health warnings and combined with an effective drug education campaign. At the very least it must be made legal to grow and harvest these plants for personal use.

So why is this not happening? Who are the vested interests that are preventing this solution from even being debated? How many more young kiwi's need to die before the government opens its eyes? Why is no one talking about LEGALIZING NATURE?



  • Tim: November 01, 2018
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    The original formulation of Spice contained JWH-018. It did not cause the problems we are seeing now. It was developed for medical purposes and has more research than newer chemicals. A low dose JWH-018 product would be a good legal alternative for the PSA. But yes, legalise the natural entheogens for sure.

  • George: October 18, 2018
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    You are forgetting one thing; Nature can not be patented. They will be looking for a solution where they can be made to look good in the public eye, while getting rich from the product they patent. They won’t legalise the above plants because big pharma do not want people growing their own meds. Sorry to be cynical, but your article, while 100% true, is too idealistic to be considered in this most corrupt of times. They will be looking for something like methadone where doctor’s can prescribe, like a synthetic cannabinoid in oral form with an extremely long half life. Something they can leave the user on for life.

  • Bob: October 17, 2018
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    Could not agree more with this article. Have you tried talking to the ministry of health with this idea? There must be someone in there who would listen. Let’s hope common sense prevails.

  • Mark: October 12, 2018
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    Well they could at least start by legalising Cannabis and then looking into Magic Mushrooms. Anything less would be a crime against human life. I,d say see how those go for a start though before throwing opium, coca and khat into the mix. Those others are commonly considered mildly addictive in their own right I believe, but yes certainly far far safer than any kind of random chemical street-drugs. Legalising recreational Cannabis is long overdue in this country. Ideally it should be the first substance to be regulated under the PSA and which other substances could be compared against. Its certainly safe for the majority of users, that’s for sure.

  • James: October 12, 2018
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    Great article, hits the nail square on the head. There really is no other option. Synthetics are a direct result of prohibition. The plants listed above could be fast tracked into the PSA, skipping the need for animal testing thanks to the fact that tribal Shaman have already tested and proven these plants safe. Besides I,m sure organizations like MAPS have collected the relevant safety date anyway and would be only too happy to share.

  • Jimmy Jazz: October 12, 2018
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