Your best options for partying this festive season

December 05 2022 – Team MindFuel

Your best options for partying this festive season
Your best options for partying this festive season

High everyone, has 2022 gone quick or what? The new years eve celebration is fast approaching, so we have compiled this handy list of tips and recommendations, to ensure sure you and your friends, have everything you need for a safe and memorable night.


For those of you planning to celebrate the new year and needing something to give you that little bit extra, we highly recommend Ecsplore. Ecsplore is a premium dietary supplement, formulated with natural ingredients like cacao, saffron and bitter orange, to ensure elevated mood and lot's of energy, guaranteeing you have a fantastic night. Take 2X Ecsplore on an empty stomach, 1 hour before desired effect. You will have all night and more with Ecsplore.

Herbal Stimulants

For those of you needing a safe, healthy, herbal stimulant to keep you going, your best options are kola nut and guarana, both of which contain caffeine, as well as other stimulating alkaloids like guaranine, theobromine and theofilline. Compared to coffee, Kola nut is stronger and more uplifting, while guarana lasts for longer. A combination of these two herbs has a nice synergy and will keep you charged up for hours. You can add a tsp of each of the powders to any drink or to foods like yogurt, or simply swallow a guarana tablet as needed. Guarana and kola nut powder, as well as guarana tablets, are available from our energizers collection. There you will also find many other more exotic stimulating herbs like sweet flag and ginseng, as well as dietary supplements with names like Blast, Energy Now, Extra Strength Guarana and Swarm eXtreme energizer. These herbal formulas combine herbs like guarana and kola nut, with other invigorating herbs and nutrients to fuel your body and mind.

Herbal Mood Elevation

Besides the Ecsplore supplement described above^, you have a number of other healthy herbal options to help you feel your best. Your most effective option is Kanna. You can swallow Kanna in capsules, hold the tincture under your tongue, or the powder can be ingested. Use kanna as needed, to support a positive and social mood. Kanna is generally safe, however it should not be combined with certain medication. If you are on medication, check with your doctor first that kanna is right for you. Damiana is another herb that supports a positive and social mood. Damiana can  be vaped, swallowed in capsules or made into tea, tincture or liqueur. You can also safely combine kanna and damiana, with the guarana and kolanut discussed above, for the ultimate safe, natural party mood elevation support formula.

NAC (Before Party)

Any big night is best started by preloading with a NAC pill washed down with a large glass of water, half an hour before you consume your first drink and/or party drug. NAC supports your livers ability to process alcohol and other toxins, resulting in a cleaner next day. For best results start your night with a NAC pill and end your night with 2X Hundy pills.

Hundy (After Party)

At the end of any big night Hundy is a must for hangover prevention. Wash down 2X Hundy pills with a couple of large glasses of water, immediately after your last drink. Trust us, you will be thankful you did the next day, especially if you also pre-loaded with a NAC pill.

Street Drug Test Kits

Finally for anyone considering experimenting with street-drugs over the new year period, we highly recommend you get yourself a test kit. Street drugs sold as  popular stimulants like MDMA and cocaine are more often than not, adulterated with other substances, so you never really know what you are really getting. It's essential to always test street drugs before you use them to help keep you and your friends safe. Just say know!

We have the following EZ Test street drug test kits available to purchase online:

We hope you all have the best festive season. Stay safe and look after your selves and your friends, to ensure everyone has a fantastic time.

Keep it smart,
Team MindFuel


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