Damiana Madness

November 17 2017 – Team MindFuel

Damiana Madness
Damiana Madness

In events reminiscent of the sinister 1930's 'Reefer Madness' campaign against Cannabis, there seems to currently be a growing mass hysteria around one of our most popular herbs: Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca) and its possible use in the manufacture of synthetic psychoactive substances.

Fueled by the lame-stream media, who have cottoned on to the fact that some manufacturer's of synthetic highs may use Damiana as a base material, the vilification of another innocent herb has begun. This has resulted in some vendor's refusing to stock Damiana in fear that it may be being misused.

But this is like boycotting coke cans because they may be used to inhale synthetic highs.

If coke cans were banned user's would simply switch to Pepsi cans. The ban would have zero effect.

The same holds true for Damiana. The moment Damiana is taken away, manufacturer's will simply switch to Mullein. After that there is Red Raspberry leaf, Marshmallow leaf, Coltsfoot, Indian tobacco and many more, all of which are cheaper and would actually make better choices than Damiana anyway. In the 1980s PCP was often smoked on parsley flakes. In fact any edible kitchen herbs can be used in the manufacturer of synthetic highs.

Perhaps we should just ban all herbs? Big pharma would certainly be happy. Especially since Damiana has been used safely as an aphrodisiac for centuries. In fact, most of our Damiana customers are ladies from Auckland's North Shore, so go figure!

Surely it is high time that we grow up and solve the synthetic highs crisis like sensible adults. Let's start by looking at the facts:

  • Legalizing natural Cannabis is the only place to start. Without access to legal Cannabis the synthetic highs industry will always continue to thrive.
  • Work place cannabis testing is currently unfair and drives cannabis users toward synthetics. Switching to saliva rather than urine testing is the solution.
  • The vilification of innocent herbs via media blitz reefer madness campaigns must stop, it only clouds the real issues, like the fact that young New Zealander's are dying thanks to the continued prohibition of natural Cannabis.



  • Shanan Philip: November 29, 2017
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    It makes me furious that a government can ban a herb when Yahuha (God) has given all man every green herb. and what is worse most people have been so brainwashed by mainstream media and big pharma . that when you tell them that cannabis will cure there cancer they look at you as though you are crazy then go and let there doctor kill them with radiation . with out doing any research into another way to become healthy. It is mass madness!

  • Jimmy: November 24, 2017
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    Too right, its not the herbs that we need to be concerned about but the destructive white powders (synthetics) that they are spraying on the herbs. If they ban the herbs people will still smoke the synthetic powders in a P pipe. Legalize real weed is the best solution.

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