Yucca (Yucca elephantipes) - 1 X Small Live Plant



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Yuccas are presently one of the trendiest plants around. They are easy to grow and need little care. Can be grown both indoor and outdoor in NZ. Great for landscaping, to get that tropical look. From the family Agavae, Yucca Elephantipes has its origins in the high country of Mexico and Central America, where the locals prize its as a delicious and nutritious vegetable. Used for their medicinal as well as culinary qualities by the ancient Mayans, the flowers have been analyzed to contain very high values of vitamins and minerals....per 100gram serve: Calcium 40mg, Phosphorous 85mg, Iron 2.4mg, Carotene 0.144mg, Thiamine 0.2mg, Riboflavin 0.175mg, Niacin 1.9mg, Vitamin C 560mg. Yucca plants have served indigenous people for centuries for a variety of uses, including fiber for rope, sandals, and cloth; the roots have been used in soap, the are fermented to produce a beverage used in ritual.

Cultivation: Simply leave in sand to root, then plant in a 50/50mix of sand and potting mix once roots have established.

Shipping Restrictions: We do not export live succulents.

*Special thanks to Hatem Moushir for the beautiful pic of Yucca elephantipes.

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