Water-Pipe - Vulcan - Glass on Glass Waterpipe (230mm)



Product Details

The Vulcan is a nice glass on glass water-pipe for a smooth, cool herbal smoke. Developed from a harm reduction stand point, the Vulcan has nodes inside the stem that hold an ice-cube. This ice-cube in combination with the cold water in the Vulcan's base provide a super smooth, cool and filtered smoking experience that is less harsh and irritating to the lungs.

  • Practical size for daily use - 230mm height.
  • Comes complete with glass stem-cone set.
  • Nice flat coloured base gives extra stability.
  • Stem can hold ice-cubes for an extra cool, smooth smoking experience.
  • 100% glass - No rubber bungs or other attachments
  • May help reduce harm from smoking.

Warning: Sold strictly for use with tobacco or legal herbs. Smoking is harmful to health.

Shipping Restrictions: We do not ship this product outside New Zealand.

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