Sticky Hopbush (Dodonaea viscosa) Live Plant

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Common Names: Ake Ake, Hopbush, Sticky Hopbush, Soapwood, Switchsorrel
Botanical Name: (Dodonaea viscosa)

Ethnobotanical History: Leaves are traditionally chewed in South America for 'coca-like' stimulation. Mixed with coca or used alone as a substitute. Australian pioneers used the fruit as a substitute for hops for brewing beer. Traditional medicinal applications include chewing the leaves to treat toothache and preparing a root decoction to apply externally to cuts and wounds. Sources:, S. Voogelbreinder, 2009.

Shipping Restrictions: We do not ship live plants outside New Zealand.

*Special thanks to Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz for the lovely pic of Dodonaea viscosa.

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