STALIN phonce case

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The Stalin is a high-quality mobile phone case that has been specially developed for the protection of the individuals personal privacy. The fibrous web inside blocks all connections. In this way, you can protect yourself not only against phone tapping and positioning, but also against area scans, industrial espionage and even against radiation. The inner side of the mobile phone case is triple layered with a special shielding fibrous web. This special material is impenetrable for all types of radio waves. Thanks to the magnetic security lock, the Stalin in a closed state will block all outwards connections of the mobile phone. The Stalin is the perfect solution to protect against industrial espionage in important meetings, area scans in demonstrations and in many other situations in which you would prefer to remain secure and anonymous. Is fitting among others for iphone3, iphone4, Galaxy S3 mini.

  • Material: High quality artificial leather
  • Size: 120 x 63 x 10mm (interior size)
  • Fits: Apple iphone 3, iphone 4, Samsung Galaxy S3 mini
  • Info: Blocks all connections when closed
  • Works Against: tracking, spying and wiretapping.



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