Sleep More (30 capsules)



Product Details

Caruso's Sleep More is an all-natural, herbal sleeping tablet developed specifically for people who have trouble relaxing and sleeping.

Here’s good news on how you may get some help with Sleep and Relaxation!

Why use Caruso's Sleep More?

Sleep problems affect people in different ways, either by preventing them from falling asleep, or from remaining asleep for an adequate length of time. Sleep More may also be benficial for those who wake in the early hours of the morning or have unrefreshing sleep. Sleep More helps to address symptoms by reducing feelings of restlessness, increasing sleepiness and promoting longer lasting, deeper sleep.

Caruso's Sleep More Health Indications:
• Sleeplessness
• Stress and tension
• Falling asleep faster
• Staying asleep longer
• Getting a deeper, sounder sleep

Who would use Caruso's Sleep More?
• People who suffer with sleeplessness
• Those with interrupted sleep
• Those with mood swings due to sleep deprivation
• Shift workers who have disturbed sleep
• Over worked, under slept workers
• The elderly
• Sports people who find it difficult to relax after exercise


Contains: Camellia sinensis (Green tea)Extract equiv. to dry leaf 10gm (10 000mg)Standardised to Theanine 27.5mgZizyphus spinosa (Zizyphus)Extract equiv. to dry seed 1.35gm (1350mg)Humulus lupulus (Hops) flowerPiper methysticum (Kava) 750mgStandardised to Kavalactones 10.71mgPassiflora incarnata (Passion flower) 750mg

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