Saguaro (Carnegia gigantea) Small Cacti

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Common Names: Saguaro, Giant Cactus
Botanical Name: (Carnegia gigantea)

Description: Carnegia gigantea is a giant and fast growing cactus native to the extreme desert conditions found in Nth. Mexico and SW US. In its natural habitat it can grow up to 12m.

Note the picture is of a giant cacti in its natural habitat. This is a small cacti.

Ethnobotanical History Used to make Saguaro wine, a ritual wine. The pulp is boiled down or fermented to produce a sweet brown syrup, which is then added to beer or wine to make Saguaro wine.

Warning: Our Cacti and Cacti Seeds are supplied with the intention of protecting biodiversity and to offer our customers some amazing ethnobotanical collection pieces. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Some of these specimens may be poisonous. Please handle all specimens accordingly. Keep them out of reach from children and animals.

Shipping Restrictions: We do not currently ship live plants outside New Zealand.


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