Phosphatidyl Choline (180 Softgels) 420 mg in Lecithin



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Source Naturals Phosphatidyl Choline provides premium quality and potency. This product has been concentrated to contain 3 times the phosphatidyl choline found in ordinary lecithin. This special soy lecithin also contains phosphatidyl inositol, phosphatidyl ethanolamine, and related phosphorus-containing lipids.

Phosphatidyl choline is a naturally occurring molecule that is composed of choline, phosphoric acid and hydrocarbons. It is one of several phosphorus-containing lipids that form the structural elements of all cell membranes in the body.

Usage: 1 softgel daily.

Contains: Each tablet contains: Phosphatidyl Choline (from soy lecithin) 420mg.

Shipping Restrictions: There are no restrictions, we can ship this product worldwide.

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