Scale MyWeigh i5000H Hemp Kitchen Scale



Product Details

Professional Bowl scale with true-division sensors.

  • HempEco- plastic construction , a unique blend of natural hemp fibers fused into a plastic compound
  • Strong, light material that is better for the environment
  • Weigh Modes: g, lb, lb:oz + PCS
  • Available Accuracy: 1g, 0.05oz
  • Available Capacity: 5000g, 11lb

The i5000H is the ultimate instrument for kitchen use; perfect for any home or small office. It reads up to 5000 grams in 1 gram increments. This scale is made from a new Eco-friendly hemp composite. Hemp plastic was invented in Germany several years ago and My Weigh is the first company to purchase this new amazing material. The hemp-plastic is cold-injected in a new method, to form the housing of the i5000H.

Scale professionals know that multiplied sensors simply won’t cut it when accuracy and durability count. The iBalance 5000 uses a whopping 5000 division load cell. These commercial grade sensors make this scale incredibly accurate and durable. The i series also has an integrated thermistor to compensate for temperature changes and auto zero tracking to ensure stability.


Download the Manual for the iBalance i5000H

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