Betel Nut Chewing Essentials - Lime Paste (Calcium Hydroxide) (100 grams)

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Ruja Chuna is a popular Indian brand of so called 'Edible Lime' paste (Calcium Hydroxide). Used traditionally in a Betel nut quid. Also referred to as slacked lime.


Some ethnobotanical species such as Betel Nut (Areca catechu) have traditionally been mixed with edible lime to produce a chewable quid. The resulting combination is far more active than Betal nut would be if used alone.

Warning: Can burn mouth.
Regular chewing of Betel nut is bad for the teeth, staining them red. It may also increase the risk of developing cancers of the mouth. Overdose can cause diarrhea and dizziness. Regular use may result in a light addiction. Research material. NOT INTENDED FOR HUMAN OR ANIMAL CONSUMPTION


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