Intoxicating Mint (Lagochilus inebriens) (25 gram)

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Common Name: Intoxicating mint, Inebriating mint or Turkestan tea mint
Botanical Name: Lagochilus inebrians
Family: Labiatae (Mint Family)

Description: Inebriating Mint is a small deciduous shrub from the mint family (Labiatae) growing up to 1 meter high. It must be one of our rarest and most sought out entheogens. It is widely distributed in the Samarkand and Bukhara provinces of Uzbekistan. It is also found in some areas of Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.

Ethnobotanical History: In the folk medicine of Central Asia, intoxicating mint is widely used as a herbal remedy as well as for its intoxicating and sedative properties by Tajik, Tatar, Turkoman, Uzbek and ancient Central Asian tribes and Shamans.

Usage: Traditionally it is taken as a tea. The tea is usually sweetened with honey or sugar to make it more palatable. Depending on the method of preparation used and strength of effects desired, dosages may range from approximately 5 to 15 grams.

Effects: Sedative Intoxicant.

Active Constituents: The leaves, stems, and flowers contain the terpineol lagochiline, as well as essential oils, tannins, organic acids, carotene, ascorbic acid, calcium, iron, and other compounds.

Warning: Not intended for internal consumption. Obtain clearance from your doctor before using this herbal remedy.

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