Water-Pipe - Green Swirl Retro Style Glass & Chrome Hookah

$55.00 $85.00


Product Details

This green/black hookah body screws onto the heavy glass water-chamber. The main column is made of stainless steel and is fitted at the base with 2 outlets, for two hoses, one of which is closed by a equalizer valve. Therefore, this Shisha can easily be fitted with a second hose. All parts are made using standard threads, so are interchangeable with other hookahs constructed, using standard threads & fittings. The synthetic leather hose is 1750mm long and the 5-hole shisha bowl has a diameter of 50mm.Comes supplied with all necessary rubber seals and charcoal tongs.

  • Material: glass, stainless steel
  • Color: green/black (*cones come in variable colours)
  • Height: 490mm
  • Length: Hose 1750mm
  • Diameter: bowl 50mm
  • Supplies: rubber seals, charcoal tongs


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