High Voltage XStream Synthetic Urine

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High Voltage Xstream Synthetic Urine 3oz is a non-toxic liquid that emulates the chemical make-up of natural urine. Lab-formulated by High Voltage, this synthetic urine features the same level of creatine and pH levels as urine, making it impossible to tell the difference between it and the real thing. Xstream Synthetic Urine is clean and free of any toxins. Because the fake urine is pre-mixed, no preparation is needed for it to be effective. This product can also be utilized by male or female users. High Voltage Xstream Synthetic Urine so closely resembles urine in its chemical compounds that it is often used for testing lab equipment that analyzes human urine samples. This product is also used for animal control, fetishes, and pranks.

  • Chemically Identical to Urine
  • Toxin-free
  • Lab-Made
  • Pre-Mixed
  • Male and Female Compatible


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