REVIVE (5ml) Pure Essential Oil Blend for Hangover Recovery



Product Details

REVIVE contains a mixture of four herbal essential oils traditionally used to support the body and mind to make a speedy recovery following alcohol or party drug use.

REVIVE contains Lemon to refresh and revitalize your mind and body, Peppermint to ease nausea and settle the stomach, Orange to lift mood and spirit and finally Lavender to relax nerves and sooth tension.

5ml Dropper Bottle

Use: Add 1-2 drops to pillow, temples, bath, oil diffuser, vaporizer, hookah pipe (bong) water or a large glass of H2O.

Contains: Proprietary REVIVE recovery formula: Pure Lemon, Peppermint, Orange and Lavender essential oils.

Shipping Restrictions: There are no restrictions, we can ship this product worldwide.

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