Golden Barrel Cacti Seeds (Echinocactus grusonii)

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Golden Barrel (Echinocactus grusonii), is an iconic cactus that everyone seems to know. Although common in cultivation, they are largely extinct in the wild due to over-collection and flooding of their native habitat in Mexico. Famous for its huge golden spines, they can eventually grow to a meter tall and wide after many, many decades. Plants flower regularly once they get to 30cm diameter or so - this can take 10-20 years from seed. Flowers are bright yellow. Fairly easy to grow. Best grown inside or in a greenhouse but can be grown in a well drained rockery. This cactus holds water and has enabled the survival of people lost in the desert. Sold in the markets in Mexico as Peyote, suggesting traditional medicinal use.

Quantity: 10 seeds / pack

Warning: Not intended for human consumption.

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