ErectOMax (30 capsules) Male Performance Formula



Product Details

Caruso's ErectOmax formula supports sexual health, normal male physiology and function and maintains healthy testosterone levels.

Here’s good news on how you may help libido and sexual health!

Caruso’s ErecOmax is a herbal and nutritional preparation for men which has specifically been developed to support healthy testosterone levels, male physiology and function, as well as improve libido and enhance sexual performance. Testofen™ is a fenugreek extract which is targeted towards men's health including libido, sexual performance and energy.

An Australian Clinical Trial showed that a combination of Testofen™, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6 as found in ErectOmax may:

● Maintain and support healthy male sexual function

● Help support healthy male libido

● Helps enhance healthy male libido

● Support healthy male sexual performance

● Help increase energy

● Help maintain general well-being.

Caruso’s ErectoMax health indications:

• Maintains healthy male sexual function

• Helps enhance healthy male libido

• Supports healthy male sexual performance

• Supports male health

• Provides muscles with energy

• Support muscle endurance and increases muscle stamina


Who would use Caruso’s ErectoMax?

• Men who want to improve their libido

• Those who want to maintain overall male sexual

• Those looking to support energy and stamina

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