EcoFelt Grow Bag (40x29cm) (38L)

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Made from recycled plastic bottles otherwise destined for landfills, comes a lightweight, breathable felt fabric that is crafted into plant pots you can use in your garden, yard or home! These fabric pots are wonderful for plants—roots can cool in summer, and not suffocate from over-watering. The fabric material lets water permeate so there's sufficient drainage without holes in the pot. Plus, they're washable and reusable and will decompose if planted into the ground.

A great quality fabric aeration container combined with premium organic nutrients, plenty of light and ample ventilation are the key components to achieving some of the largest yields in history. Side-by-side tests in fabric aeration containers versus plastic pots prove noticeable differences in plant quality and yield size.

Our EcoFelt Grow Bags can be used to grow plants of any size and type, and is also ideal for transporting plants because they are lightweight, durable with the larger sizes coming with carrying handles. Potted plants and trees will enjoy healthy growth while above-ground, and can also be planted directly in the ground, where the pot will degrade to allow the roots to take hold in the natural environment.

We have several sizes of bags, designed to suit specific crops. You'll use only as much soil as you need, and enjoy the maximum harvest in the minimum space.

With fabric containers, the possibilities are virtually limitless! They have made it possible to grow your own food on balconies, porches, decks and vertical walls. Try some fabric bags into your garden and see for yourself just how impressive the results can be!


  • Eco-Friendly, made from recycled water bottles  
  • BPA free and UV Stabilized
  • Better than solid-sided plastic containers
  • Boosts plant growth and yields
  • Encourages a more fibrous, dense root structure
  • Fabric allows roots to breath
  • Prevents roots from circling
  • Allows roots to grow freely throughout soil
  • Bags are reusable and washable
  • Superior insulation keeping plants warmer in winter & cooler in summer
  • Saves time on vegetative growth cycle
  • Easy drainage prevents over-watering and root rot
  • Ideal for hydroponic systems like drip irrigation, overheads and flood trays
  • Lightweight for easy movement and transportation (handles on larger sizes)
  • Ventilation keeps plants at ideal temperature
  • Durable 260gsm

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