CE4 Electronic Cigarette

$12.50 $24.95


Product Details

E-go style portable vape for liquids. The CE4 is a solid vape to use with your e-liquids, essential oils and concentrate oils. With a sleek design and easy use method, this vape is ideal for anyone that wants clean hits while vaping their favourite e-Liquids.

  • 900mah genuine Vaporite battery, with a versatile eGo/510 thread
  • CE4 tank
  • Mouthpiece
  • USB charger

Atomizer Capacity: The CE4 can fill 16ml e-liquid.

Screw thread: S10 screw thread, compatible with all of eGo series and 510 series batteries.

Battery Capacity: The battery capacity: 650/900/1100mAh. When fully charged, the battery can last 800 puffs.

Battery Lock/Unlock: The battery has a 5 click lock/unlock function, press the button 5 times speedy within 2 seconds, the battery will be locked and vice versa.

How to use the e-Cigarette:
  1. Fill e-Liquid into the clearomizer (about 1.4ml)
  2. Insert the clearomizer into the battery.
  3. Press the button 5 times speedy, the battery will start working, then enjoy your vaping.
How to refill e-Liquid:
Unscrew and lift the mouthpiece to remove from the base. Fill the tank by tilting the unit about 45 degrees and dripping onto the internal side. Avoid dripping into the centre or on the silicon cap. Fill to just under the 16 marking on the outside of the clearomizer. DO NOT overfill. Replace the mouth piece and screw on finger tight and attach to your battery. It's recommended to wait 1-2 minutes for the e-Juice to absorb into the coil before you start vaping.

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