Prism Cacti Seeds (Leuchtenbergia principis)



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Common Names: Prism cactus, Agave cactus
Botanical Name: (Ariocarpus retusus)

Description: A rare monotypic medicinal cacti species from northern and central Mexico. It is very slow-growing but can eventually grow up to 70 cm high, with a cylindrical stem.

Ethnobotanical History: Claimed by its describer, Sir William Hooker, to be used medicinally in a number of locations throughout its habitat. (M.S. Smith-Sacramental and Medicinal Cacti 2002).

Quantity: 10 seeds per pack

Cultivation: Expert growers only - if you do not have experience growing cacti from seed, we recommend you try an easier species first, such as (Trihcochocereus scopulicola).

Warning: Our Cacti and Cacti Seeds are supplied with the intention of protecting biodiversity and to offer our customers some amazing ethnobotanical collection pieces. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Some of these specimens may be poisonous. Please handle all specimens accordingly. Keep them out of reach from children and animals.

Shipping Restrictions: We do not ship this product outside New Zealand.

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