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OTTO™ is the world’s first and only automatic Smart Milling Machine. For the first time ever, at the touch of a button, OTTO automatically mills your favorite herbs, dried flowers, incense resins, and spices and fills them into an awaiting sachet or cone. Otto features a Smart Milling Technology with Artificial Intelligence that automatically adjusts the direction, speed, and pressure of the milling plates to ensure a perfect grind every time. OTTO knows materials are different: some are sticky, some are moist, some are dry, and some have stems and seeds, but OTTO can mill them all. Your perfect grind is then automatically and evenly filled into a sachet or cone from bottom to top. Finally, your own perfect sachets or cones filled with your personalized magical blend that will enhance your favorite relaxing pastime.

Otto comes with:

  1. Aerospace Engineered Aluminum Milling Plates – for milling to the perfect grind every time.
  2. The O-Tube sachet and cone holder – for easy and perfect filling of sachets.
  3. O-Funnel - for easy dispensing into any container.
  4. 20 Free banana bros. premium cone-shaped sachets - designed for a smooth, slow, even burn.
  5. 4 in 1 cleaning tool – for keeping OTTO clean.
  6. USB charging cable – for keeping OTTO charged and ready.
  7. Measuring cup – to help first time users gauge how much material to use.
  8. Snap Cap – to keep OTTO clean when not in use or on the go.
  9. Fresh Seal Tube – for keeping a newly made sachet or cone fresh until it is needed.

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