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Plants come in all shapes, sizes, colours and forms, but all are made up of a cocktail of either toxic and/or non-toxic, psychoactive and/or non-psychoactive-active chemicals. Plants that have at any time throughout history been used by humans are known as ethnobotanicals. The ethnobotanical plants of interest to us here contain chemicals that may provide beneficial effects to human health and vitality, enhancing connection, creativity, dreaming, dream recall, empathy, energy, euphoria, healing, meditation, memory, mood, pain relief, relaxation, sexuality, social-ability and/or spirituality. As such these plants are held in high regard and are highly sought after to be utilized as herbal remedies.

We divide our ethnobotanical plants into 7 handy categories based on their reported benefits: Energy Herbs, Dream Herbs, Health Herbs, Love Herbs, Relax Herbs, Spirit Herbs and Vape Herbs. We list the primary benefits first. Be aware that all herbs and herbal remedies sold by MindFuel are intended for external use only unless explicitly stated otherwise. Always do lots of research as well as check with your doctor before consuming any herbal remedy.

Aswaganda - Relax Herb, Love Herb, Adaptogen

Ayahuasca (Caapi) - MAOI, Spirit Herb, Incense, Purgative, Healing

Bitter Orange - Energy Herb, Diet Herbs

Betel Nut - Energy Herb, Spirit Herb, Love Herb

Blue Lotus - Relax Herb, Spirit Herb, Dream Herb, Vape Herb

Cannabis - Health Herb, Spirit Herb, Prohibited Herb

Catnip - Relax Herb, Vape Herb, Spirit Herb (works better on cats)

Cola Nut - Energy Herb, Love Herb

Calamus - Energy Herb, Spirit Herb, Love Herb, Health Herb, Tonic

Damiana - Love Herb, Mood Herb

Ephedra - Energy Herb, Love Herb, Prohibited Herb

Ginkgo - Energy Herb, Smart Herb

Ginseng - Energy Herb, Adaptogen, Love Herb, Tonic, Elixir of Life

Gotu Kola - Energy Herb, Love Herb, Relax Herb, Adaptogen, Tonic, Elixir of Life

Guarana - Energy Herb, Love Herb, Tonic

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose - Spirit Herbs, Love Herbs, Collectable, Not for consumption

Hemp (Cannabis sativa) Low THC - Medi+ Herb, Health Herb, Relax Herb, ReLeaf+ Herb, Restricted Herb

Kava Kava - Relax Herbs, Love Herbs Empathogenic Herbs, Spirit Herbs

Kanna - Mood Herbs, Energy Herbs, Relax Herbs, Empathogenic Herbs, Anti-Depressant, SSRI

Kratom - Relax Herb, Energy Herb, Medi+ Herb, Restricted Herb

Marihuanilla - Vape Herbs, Relax Herbs, Psychic Herbs, Spirit Herbs

Morning Glory - Spirit Herb, Collectable, Not For Consumption

Mugwort - Dream Herb, Vape Herb

Muira Puama - Love Herb, Energy Herb

Nutmeg - Spice, Love Herb, Spirit Herb (Unpleasant)

Passionflower - MAOI, Relax Herb, Spirit Herb

Peyote - Spirit Plant, Prohibited Plant, Uncommon in NZ

Salvia Divinorum - Spirit Herb, Medi+ Herb, Health Herb, Dream Herb, Incense, Relax Herb, Meditation, Healing, Recovery

San Pedro - Spirit Herb, Collectable, Not For Consumption

Skullcap - Relax Herb, Vape Herb

Saw Palmetto - Love Herb, Health Herb

Spirulina - Superfood, Health Herb, Energy Herb

St. John’s Wort - Relax Herb, Mood Herb, Sleep Herb, Vape Herb

Syrian Rue - Incense, Spirit Herb, MAOI

Wild Dagga - Vape Herb, Relax Herb, Spirit Herb

Wild Opium Lettuce - Relax Herb, Dream Herb, Painkiller

Wormwood - Spirit Herb, Relax Herb, Absinthe Herb, Narcotic

Yohimbe - Love Herb, Energy Herb

Valerian - Relax Herb, Dream Herb


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