Harm Minimisation - Consuming Substances in the Safest Way Possible

When using any kind of herb, medicine, drug or supplement, please follow the safety guidelines below to ensure both your safety, as well as the continued availability of these products.

Safety Guidelines
  • Do not experiment with any substance when under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding, when on medication, or when suffering any mental or physical health condition.
  • Begin with doses below those given. If no undesirable side effects occur, gradual increases of dosage may be tried on separate occasions until recommended dose / desired effect is reached.
  • Do not combine substances, or mix them with any other drugs, supplements, medicines or alcohol.
  • Allow rest periods of at least one week between experiments.
  • When experimenting be relaxed, well rested, in good health, and momentarily relieved of responsibilities.
  • Do not attempt to operate machinery, drive, attend work or school after using any substances.
  • Keep hydrated. Many substances can cause dehydration, especially if you are also dancing. Be sure to consume plenty of water or fruit juice (but not so much you drown yourself).

What To Do If Problems Occur?

If you have taken a substance and feel uncomfortable with the sensation: Lie down. Consume lots of water to flush your system. Have a friend keep you company. Generally the product sensations increase for the first 1-3 hours, then subside over the next few hours.

In an Emergency in New Zealand, Call 111 and request an ambulance. For poisons information in New Zealand, Call The Poisons Information Hotline 0800 764 766.