Smoking + Vaping Herbs

Exotic Smoking Herbs including Indian Tobacco, Wild Dagga, Marihuanilla, Wild Hemp, Lions Tail and Damiana. While these herbs have all been smoked for hundreds of years, we recommend the use of a vaporizer, as a healthier alternative to smoking.
Elevated Botanicals Nettle (50 gram) (Urtica Dioica) Organic leaf
From $8.95 - $9.95
Elevated Botanicals Red Raspberry Leaf (Rubus idaeus) Organic
From $12.00 - $145.00
Elevated Botanicals Triple Dagga Mix (Organic)
From $10.00 - $155.00
Elevated Botanicals Wild Opium Lettuce (Lactuca virosa) Organic
From $14.95 - $25.00