Copaiba Oil (10 ml) CBD Alternative - Rich Source of the Phyto-Cannabinoid BCP (beta-caryophyllene)



Product Details

Common Name: Copaiba Balsam
Botanical Name: (Copaifera officinalis)

Copaiba essential oil is derived from a South American tropical forest tree which can grow to over 30 meters in height. Copaiba oil is a rich source of BCP(beta-caryophyllene), a phyto-cannabinoid that is active on CB2 Cannabinoid receptors and may support the immune system. Copaiba oil is used in cosmetic products like soap, creams, lotions and perfume. The oil can be applied to the skin (dilute first). Some sources claim Copaiba may be taken internally to support the immune system, digestion, cardiovascular system, nerve system and respiratory system health.

Usage: Before using Copaiba oil on your skin dilute it first 50/50 in any vegetable oil, for example Hemp (Cannabis sativa) seed oil. Apply a few drops to chakra points. For internal use diffuse and directly inhale or add 1-3 drops to liquid and drink.

Warning: Consult your doctor before using any essential oils internally. Do not exceed 1-3 drops.

Shipping Restrictions: There are no restrictions, we can ship this product worldwide.

*Special thanks to Jonathan Wilkins for the beautiful pic of a Copaiba tree.