E-Nails | Wax Concentrate Vaporizers

Perfect temperature dabs without the need for torches and butane. As wax legal herbal concentrates have exploded worldwide, portable e-nails (also called eRigs) have become the preferred means for dabbing wax. Compact yet powerful, enails represent the latest way to vaporize waxy herb concentrates, delivering thick, extra-potent clouds. E-Nails tend to be more consistent, reliable and potent than traditional wax pen vaporizers, making e-nails the ideal choice for med users. If you are a hardcore dabster, an e-nail will make your life easier by by eliminating common problems such as faulty torches or running out of butane. Besides supplying the highest quality e-nails in NZ, New Zealand, we also offer a selection of connoisseur grade herbal concentrates for you to enjoy.