Botanical Snuff

Botanical snuffs have been used as herbal remedies in South America and other countries for centuries. Some botanical snuff are more medicinal (sneezing powders) while others enable the user to stay awake for hunting. Others still are used by Shaman to go on a healing vision quest, often to diagnose the cause of a disease or illness. Many botanical snuffs have a clearing, grounding, centering effect that is useful for meditation. Just some of the many plants commonly used in traditional botanical snuffs includes: Cacao, Calamus, Chili (no more than 5%), Coca, Guarana, Kanna, Kolanut, Nutmeg, Shamans tobacco, Regular smoking tobacco, Virola and Yopo. Some botanical snuffs may be flavoured with the likes of Anise or Bergamot essential oils. To others slacked lime or ash may be added to make them more active or allow better absorption of their active constituents.