Naki Black Solid™ (3 gram) Solid Herbal Smoking Mix

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Naki Black Solid is a solid herbal smoking mix. Enjoy the relaxing and uplifting aroma of Naki Black. Have you tried it yet?

Naki Black Solid™ is 100% natural. It contains a proprietary blend of herbs, extracts and natural flavours that have been used safely for centuries as herbal remedies, as foods and in aromatherapy.

Naki Black Solid can be spotted using hot knives, added to tobacco or any legal herbal smoke, or used as incense.

Contains: Wild Dagga,Kanna, Blue Lotus, Hemp Oil, Lemon Grass, Black Pepper, Orange, Lavender, Clary sage.
THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT CONTAIN PSYCHOACTIVE CHEMICALS. 100% THC, Nicotine, Tobacco and Synthetic Cannabinoid Free. Made using food grade solvents.

Warning: R18. Do not exceed 1 gram/day or 3 gram/week. Not suitable for anyone on medication, pregnant or lactating mothers or anyone with a health condition or mental illness. We make no therapeutic claims about this product. Smoking may be harmful to health. Consult your doctor before using this product.

Shipping Restrictions: We can not ship this product to Russia or the USA.

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