Damiana (25 gram) (Turnera aphrodisiaca)

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Damiana (25 gram) (Turnera aphrodisiaca) Dried Leaf

Damiana (Turnera diffusa, syn. Turnera aphrodisiaca) is a small shrub that produces small yellow aromatic flowers. It belongs to the family Turneraceae and is native to Central America, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean.

Traditional Use: Damiana has been used for thousands of years in Latin American cultures ritualistically as a sexual stimulant. It has an ancient reputation as an aphrodisiac to increase and stimulate sexual appetite. Damiana may effect the nervous system, soothing anxiety, nervousness and mild depression and promoting a general feeling of well-being or euphoria.

Traditional Usage:
1) Tea - 10 to 15 grams in 1 liter water boiled softly for 5 minutes.
2) Smoke - Damiana is an awesome non-addictive tobacco alternative. It can be smoked alone for a mildly euphoria or mixed in a spliff with your favorite other herbs.
3) Damiana Liquor - Mix 30 grams Damiana with 1/2 liter vodka and let soak for 5 days. Sift this and let the alcohol drenched leaves soak another 5 days in 125 ml of mineral water. Strain out the liquid and filter it. Heat the water extract until just under boiling-point and mix it with half a cup of honey. Mix the alcohol extract and the water extract in a bottle and keep for a month. Pour the liquid carefully into a clean bottle. For the best results take in the evening 1 or 2 glasses an hour before the desired effect.

Warning: Long term heavy usage may be harmful to the liver.

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