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Blue Lotus E-Liquid (5ml) Botanical E-Liquid..


Kawa Kawa - 20 Fresh Leaves (For Use In Betel Quid) Maori Kava (Piper excelsum)Picked and sent in a ..


Sacred Lotus E-Liquid (5ml) Botanical E-Liquid..


The Clandestine Absinthe kit contains all the herbs you need to make your own high thujone Absinth..


Try the CBX ZEN formula for relaxation. In short ZEN is the formula for when you need to chill out.U..


Anise seeds are an ingredient in the fabled psychoactive liquor Absinthe. They are also sometimes ..


Aphrodite mix is a blend of herbs that have been used traditionally as herbal remedies to enhance ..


E-Liquid™ - BOOST™ (30ml dropper)BOOST™ is your ultimate pick me up formula. Use BOOST™ to get thing..


CB2 e-Liquid™ contains Beta-Caryophyllene, which is a selective agonist of cannabinoid receptor ty..


Try the CBX FOCUS formula for energy, motivation and mental alertness. In short FOCUS is the formula..


Wild Harvested Mexican Copal resin (Hymenaea courbaril).Copal is used by the Maya and other indige..


1 X Live rooted 'Diviners Sage' clone wrapped in wet Sphagnum moss. Includes FREE track and trace Co..


Kava is a member of the pepper family (Piperaceae), and has been enjoyed by the people of the South..


Organic Aswaganda Root Chips (80g)Common Name: Aswaganda, Winter Cherry, Indian Ginseng.Scientific N..


Common Name: Aswaganda, Winter Cherry, Indian Ginseng.Scientific Name: (Withania sommifera)Family: S..

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