Here you will find mushroom growing accessories to help you grow your own medicinal and super-food mushroom strains easily at home. Mushroom strains such as Oyster, Reishi, Lions mane and Shiitake are easy to cultivate, delicious to eat and have numerous health benefits including stress relief, immune system boosting properties and even aphrodisiac effects.

Perlite helps keep humidity levels high when growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms...


Vinyl disposable gloves. 100 pack. Size large. Powder free. Clear.Features:100% latex free, suitable..


A mouth mask can be used to help optimize sterile conditions when cultivating mushrooms. Can also be..


Erlenmeyer flasks are very handy for the home mushroom grower. They can be used for both sterilizing..


A scalpel is used to scrape spores from a spore-print, as well as to cut out pieces of mycelium or m..


Make your own spore syringes with using these sterilized empty syringes.5ml..


You can use petri dishes for cultivation of mycelium on agar media.pack of 20size 90mm X 15mm with ..


Scalpel Blades (10 pack)..


Soft Care Instant Hand Sanitiser provides a convenient way to quickly cleanse hands whilst working..

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