Herb Extracts

Herb Extracts
Here you will find an extensive selection of high quality extracts of herbal remedies that have been prized throughout history for their energizing, relaxing, aphrodisiac, visionary, dream enhancing or healing effects. Unless explicitly stated otherwise these herbal remedies are not intended for internal use. Obtain clearance from your doctor before using any herbal remedy.

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Bangalala, also known as 'African Viagra', is prescribed as an aphrodisiac, notably to enhance male ..


Klip Dagga 20X Resin (2 gram) (Leonotis nepetifolia) Organic ExtractCommon Name: Klip Dagga, Lion's ..


Common Names: Mayan sun opener, Elixir of the Sun, Sinicuichi, Shrubby yellow crest, Plant of the ye..


Common Name: Wild Dagga, Lion's Tail.Scientific Name: (Leonotis leonurus) Family: Lamiaceae (Mint fa..


Wild Dagga 20X Resin (2 gram) (Leonotis leonurus) Organic ExtractCommon Name: Wild Dagga, Lion's Tai..


NATURAL MOOD ENHANCER #1 Selling herb for uplifting the mood in U.S.A and the U.K. Sce..


Gambir is a traditional spicy flavoring that is added to Betel quids to produce a tasty mix. Gambi..


Chocamine is a potent cocoa extract. It contains the energy boosting and mood lifting ingredients wi..


Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) is traditionally used as a spice and medicine. Rich in antioxidants an..


Sacred Pink Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera)  similar effect to the Blue Lotus, the Sacred Pink Lotus..


Common Name: Poppy Seed OilScientific Name: (Papaver somniferum)Family: PapaveraceaeDescription: Col..

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