Cannabis Law Reform in NZ

Cannabis prohibition is one of the most nefarious laws enforced upon the people of the world in the last century. Prohibition benefits no one other than big pharma, liquor and tobacco, the oil, plastic and timber industries, corrupt politicians and organized crime, all of whom have a vested interest in prohibition to maintain their cash-flow.Prohibition wastes police resources and turns our young people against the police. It maximizes the harms associated with cannabis use. It artificially inflates cannabis prices, resulting in a rise in real crime. It pushes the market into the hands of criminals who do not check I.D, pay taxes or have proper quality controls. No good can ever come of prohibition because it simply does not work.The definition of insanity is repeating something that always fails again and expecting a different result. It is therefore high time we try a different approach to how we manage Cannabis. The sensible solution is to legalize, tax and regulate cannabis. Pure, unadulterated cannabis could then be sold from licensed outlets, similar to the coffee-shops of the Netherlands.These outlets would pay tax resulting in millions of dollars collected for the country each year. There would be strict rules the vendor must adhere to such as checking ID, quality controls, providing harm reduction information at point of sale.  Not playing by the rules could result in fines or suspension of license similar to the way we regulate liquor licenses.While public opinion about cannabis has changed for the better over recent years and many countries such as Portugal and the USA have relaxed their cannabis laws, New Zealand politicians have been slow to retreat from last century's failed 'war on drugs' approach to cannabis management. Even the law commission recommendation to legalize medical marijuana has not yet been acted upon.There is still some way to go before we end cannabis prohibition in New Zealand, however there are many things you can do to help change things sooner. The following are some simple and effective ways to get started:Join NORML: Click Here to Join NORML.Donate to NORML online: 12-3057-0594667-00Support the Canna-Bus: Donations can be made to the Canna-Bus account: 12-3057-0594667-03Email Your MP: The format is firstname.lastname@parliament.govt.nzInstantly email your MP here - your MP: on most Saturday mornings.Form a local anti-prohibition group: Get active in your area.Organize an event: like a local J-Day on the 1st Saturday of May, or a demonstration, public talk, local petition, movie showing or social evening.Medical Users: Talk with your doctor.Apply for a Medical Permit: Get the backing of your doctor then write to the minister of Health.Grow Hemp: Apply for a permit from Medsafe.Support the hemp industry in New Zealand.Join the NORML monthly email list: Email "subscribe norml-nz" to majordomo@norml.netFurther InformationNORML NZ - the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws in New Zealand.ALCP - the Aotearoa legalize cannabis party.LEAP - Law enforcement against prohibition.Books: Reefer Madness, Cannabis, a history.

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