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Psychoactive Substances - Information and research
Erowid - Documenting the complex relationship between humans and psycho-actives.
Drugs Forum - The International drugs community.
MAPS - The multidisciplinary association for psychedelic studies.
Entheogenesis - Australian Ethnobotany conference.
Documents for Serious Psychonauts - Research papers and articles on the role of psychedelic substances in psychological and shamanic healing practices.
TripMe NZ - Legal Highs Reviews and Drug Forum (New Zealand).
The Beckley Foundation - UK consciousness and drug policy research.

4:20 Culture
THC Radio - Marijuana online radio and more.
Herb - Cannabis News, Culture & Information.
Cannabis Culture - Marijuana magazine.
High Times - Counter-culture magazine.

Medical Marijuana
Green Cross New Zealand - Medicinal Cannabis support group of New Zealand incorporated.
Medpot - NZ based medical marijuana info site.
Where's Weed? - Medical Marijuana Dispensary Locator (USA only)

Industrial Hemp
NZHIA - The New Zealand hemp association.

The Shroomery - Accurate information about magic mushrooms.
Magic Mushrooms of New Zealand and Australia - Shrooms down under.

Ayahuasca - Amazonian great medicine.

Law Reform
NORML New Zealand - Working for Marijuana law reform.
ALCP - Aotearoa legalize Cannabis party.
Stop the Drug War - Raising awareness of the consequences of drug prohibition.
Drug Policy Alliance - Guiding drug law reform and advocacy.
Leap - Law enforcement against prohibition - Cops say legalize drugs.
Leap New Zealand - NZ branch of law enforcement against prohibition.
SAFER - Marijuana is safer than alcohol, its time we treat it that way.
CCLE - The Center for cognitive liberty & ethics.
Legalize Cannabis House - New Zealand's first cannabis museum and information center.
Lets start the conversation - Is cannabis prohibition working?

Harm Reduction and Addiction Solutions
Drug Help NZ - Website for people concerned about how drugs are affecting their life.
Synthetic cannabinoid addiction - Information for those having problems with synthetic cannabinoids such as Spice, K2 and Kronic.

Online Books
Erowid Online Books - A large selection of online psychedelic books available to download.
Psychedelic Library - A large collection of psychedelic classics available to read online.

Cool sites, friends and affiliates.
Drugs Plaza- Info on soft drugs like marijuana, magic mushrooms and herbal drugs.
Greenman's Page - Marijuana seeds search garden. - New Zealand site dedicated to vaporizers and accessories.
The Kava Shop - New Zealand based kava importer, distributor and online store.
Elevated Botanicals - Site for our herb brand Elevated Botanicals.
Euphoric Blends - Our favorite herbal vaping blends.
XploreLife Wholesale - Our wholesale website for re-sellers who have smart, head or adult shops.

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