What Is a Vaporizer?

What is a Vaporizer?
Vaporizers are the new and healthier alternative to smoking. A Vaporizer is a device that gently heats herbs or tobacco, to a temperature just hot enough to vaporize their active ingredients, but not burn the plant material. A Vaporizer produces no smoke, but instead produces a thin white mist which can then be inhaled by the user.

How does it work?
Instead of using an open flame to ignite the herb, a Vaporizer uses a heating element (or other means) to gently heat the herb, to the temperature where only the active ingredients are released.What are the advantages of using a Vaporizer?When smoking tobacco or any kind of plant material, the smoker inhales a number of toxins and carcinogens. When using a Vaporizer, most of these materials are not inhaled. Also, because a Vaporizer burns smoking material at a lower temperature than smoking, less of the active ingredients are destroyed by heat. This results in more bang for your buck. Vaporizers are a great way to enjoy the medicinal benefits of any herb without many of the dangers associated with smoking.

What sort of Vaporizer should I choose?
In our online vape store you will find a selection of what we believe are the finest vaporizers on the global market. All models are suitable for use with either tobacco or legal medicinal herbs.

There are basically three types of vapes:
Tabletop Vapes
Portable Vapes
Pen Vapes

Tabletop Vaporizers
Tabletop vapes are generally the largest types of vapes and are used at home or anywhere with a power plug and a flat surface such as a coffee table. Tabletop vapes are often the most high performance types of vapes and as such they are often the choice of med users. Tabletop vapes are generally used with dry herbs. Our most popular tabletop vapes are the Vaporite range which includes the Solo, the Solo digital and the Nano air. For serious medical users and connoisseurs we also offer the Volcano digital easy-valve as a pre-order product. Just let us know two weeks in advance if you want one.

Portable Vaporizers
Portable vapes are just that, smaller vapes that are designed to fit in your pocket and be carried and used when out and about. Portable vapes often run by using a battery that can be charged up at any USB port. Portable vapes are generally used with dry herbs, but some can handle waxes and oils. For those wanting a high quality discreet portable you can not go wrong with the PuffiT-2 and the PuffiT-X. These two portable vapes are disguised to look like asthma inhalers for the ultimate discretion and have won awards for there cutting edge design and performance.

Pen Vaporizers
Pen vapes are a type thin and sleek style of portable vaporizer that look similar to the eGo style electronic cigarettes. This makes them very discreet for use in public. Pen vapes are best suited to oils and waxes, but many such as the Vaporite Emerald can also now be used with dry herbs.What are the advantages of purchasing your vape from us?Rather than confuse you with hundreds of different models of vaporizer, we utilize our experience in the industry to research, source, test run and select only the absolute best and most innovative vapes available.

All our vapes are in stock and ship from our New Zealand based warehouse. Unlike other suppliers who ship to you from overseas, you will never experience customs hassles when ordering a vape from us.

As an authorized dealer of all our vape brands, we only deal directly with the actual brand, ensuring all our vapes are the real deal (not cheap Chinese clones). You can also be certain the manufacturers original warranty and customer support are valid.On top of this, we are the friendliest supplier, who back up our vapes with expert customer support as well as our own 14 day money back guarantee on top of the manufacturers product warranty.

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