How long will my order take to arrive?
We strive to get all NZ orders received before 4:20pm dispatched same day with overnight courier so you can receive the following morning. Some orders may take an extra day or two. International orders are dispatched in 1-3 days and generally take about 7 days to arrive, although some countries may take up to 21 days. We will contact you if we can not get your order shipped within 3 working days.

Will my order be packaged discreetly?
Yes, we offer stealth delivery. We dispatch all orders in standard postal bags which only list our P O box as a return address. For international orders we use our low key background company name. Products are always listed as regular goods, such as incense or health supplements on any shipping documents.

Will my personal details be kept safe and confidential?
Yes. We value our customers and pride ourselves on offering a discreet service. We may keep some basic customer information on file for the likes of tax purposes, however this information will never be shared with third parties. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

I am a New Zealander and have had trouble signing up for an account because the sign up form does not recognize my 'state'. What state should I select?
You should be able to choose either NZ, New Zealand or Auckland. If you have any issues please contact us.

Are your products legal in my country?
It is impossible for us to check the law in all countries for all of our products. It is your responsibility to check your local laws regarding the import of products sold by MindFuel. If in doubt, always consult your customs service and/or lawyer before placing an order. Do not order products that may be illegal in your country. By ordering you accept all responsibilities regarding the shipment and the legality of your order.

Why do you not currently export party pills and synthetic cannabinoid products?
We stopped exporting these products upon the passing of the Psychoactive substances act 2013. Once the law around export becomes clarified we hope to be able to offer these products to our international customers again. Until then we are happy to ship international customers energy supplements or natural herbs and smoking mixes.

What if I am not happy with my order?
If for any reason you are not happy with your order you can return it to us within 14 days for a refund. Please contact us first before sending products back to us. We do not refund shipping costs unless there was a mistake made on our behalf. Returned goods must be unused and in original packaging.

How can I review a product without using my real full name?
Simply email us your review and we will post it for you using your first name only or if you prefer as 'Anonymous Customer'.

I have heard you guys have a great reputation and I would love to be a customer however you do not stock my favorite product. Why not?
We strive to offer the best selection of 'smart' products available on the planet. If we do not have a product that you think we should we would love to hear from you and will do our best to get it for you.

I can get my favorite product elsewhere online for a cheaper price than you are offering it for. Can you match their price?
Yes. We will match any other online price in NZ. And if you spend over $25 you will get free delivery too. Even if you are rural.

Are you interested in stocking my product?
We are constantly searching the world for new and smarter products. If you have a product you think would appeal to our customer's, please contact our purchasing department.

Some products we are interested in in particular at the moment include:
Exotic ethnobotanical seeds, dietary supplements, glass art, innovative smoking accessories, hemp products, vaporizers, festival gear, nutrients and grow gear.

Do you sell illegal drugs?
No. All items sold by MindFuel are 100% legal in New Zealand for adults 18 years and over. We specialize in the sale of legal items including legal highs that have been authorized by the New Zealand government under the psychoactive substances act 2013.

Do you sell Cannabis seeds?
No. Cannabis seeds are currently considered a Class C controlled substance in New Zealand. We have made contact with the worlds top seed breeders and are currently discussing the possibility of an international seed shipping option for international MindFuel customers.

Do you sell gram bags of or bulk research chemicals?
No. All our products are listed on our web site. If we do not already stock it its likely either crap or illegal under the Psychoactive substances act 2013.

I want to prepare a super sonic magic shamanistic brew, can you ring me and give me some advise?
No. All the info we have is on our website. Due to the murky laws around things like herbal remedies we can not risk being entrapped into making therapeutic claims. Sorry. Emails of this nature will be ignored. Do plenty of research and consult your doctor before consuming any herbal remedy.

I have a medical condition and/or are on medication, what products can I use? Can you give me some recommendations?
No. All the info we have is on our website. Due to the murky laws around things like herbal remedies we can not risk being entrapped into making therapeutic claims. Sorry. Emails of this nature will be ignored. Do plenty of research and consult your doctor before consuming any herbal remedy. All legal highs should be considered unsafe for anyone with any medical condition.

Some of my favourite herbal remedies and seeds seem to be missing from your website including Salvia extracts and Syrian rue seeds. Are these products illegal now?
No. All plant products are 100% legal to use and sell as herbal remedies or supplements, however until the law becomes clearer and to avoid these products being mistaken or associated with recently prohibited legal highs we have removed certain product lines just to be on the safe side. We hope to ease some of these products back in once everything settles down.

Do you have a printed catalog?
No. Our website is our catalog. Please consider the environment before printing our website catalog.

Do you have/where is your offline retail store?
As of late January 2013 we are no longer operating any offline stores. This is so we can concentrate full-time on online orders and customer service, as well as new product development. Previously, from 2004 to 2013 we operated a retail smartshop located at 91A Devon st west, New Plymouth 4310, New Zealand. While we had a fantastic time running the shop it was leaving us with increasingly limited time to spend running our primary business, which has always been our online store and distribution.

I need my order today. Can I pick it up from you somewhere?
No. We are now online only and do not have a location suitable for pick ups. We provide free overnight courier delivery NZ wide for orders over $25. We are too busy getting our online orders processed to accommodate pick ups or personal delivery. Also our psychoactive substances license (currently on hold) specifies that we can only sell those products online.

Its Friday and I need this order for Saturday night. Can you get it to me?
Yes, we can upgrade your order to Saturday delivery. This upgrade will incur a additional charge of $4.50.

I have tried to ring but no one answered. When is the best time to call?
The best time to call is Mon-Fri, 11am until 4pm, however we are so busy processing orders that we can not always make it to the phone (for example when we have our hands in the potting mix producing our hops clones) For fast and efficient service please consider emailing sales@mindfuel.co.nz instead.

I think I may be getting addicted to your products. Can I ban myself from your store?
Yes. To ban yourself from our store just email us from the email you used to sign up for your account. State in the email "Ban me for X  months". Please choose whether you would like a ban for 1, 3, 6 mths or more or a lifetime ban. Think about this carefully as we will not un-ban you until your chosen time is up.

What if my question has not been answered in your FAQ?
If your question has not been answered in our FAQ then please Contact Us.